EP 2013

by The Arcane Insignia

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The Arcane Insignia's original Demo.

Includes the two main singles, "Chapter 9: Trail of Extinguished Suns" and "Car(di)nal & (Sub)liminal" .


released August 3, 2013

Jaime "Alejandro" Saldarriaga Calle - Vocals, Guitar
Antoinette Ady - Violin
Jennifer Shaw - Cello
Jimmy Lopez - Percussion

All Songs written by Jaime Alexander Saldarriaga Calle



all rights reserved


The Arcane Insignia New York, New York

The Arcane Insignia is an Acoustic Prog Rock/Metal band consisting of melodic vocals, 7-string guitar, cello & Viola. Fueled by passion & their desire to share a positive & profound message through Music, paralleled only by their complex writing style, The Arcane Insignia have proven themselves as much more than a niche band thanks to the solid Songwriting & craftsmanship embedded on their Songs. ... more

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Track Name: Chapter 9: Trail of Extinguished Suns

This city is on fire

It's civilization, poisoned finds

That no one I said no one will mind (2X)

Will it's ashes touch the sky?

Or will they disappear in the ocean now

The planets realign

Tell stories much to corrupt to be false

& I will read them in this temple

& I'll believe them in this temple

& set patterns in the sand (2X)

So future generations can repeat our mistakes somehow

The coal turns to diamonds

The serpents to swans

The Queen to goddess

& divided we'll be one

This thread is too thin to walk on

The experiment has failed

We are yes we're perfect now

There is no alternative

We must burn the scripts & rewrite history from our point of view (2X)

You will not find me, I said you will not find me

& I'll follow the trail of extinguished suns

so I can find you once I lose myself
Track Name: Car(di)nal & (Sub)liminal

Passion clashes with reason

There's a never ending conflict

Between inner child & consequence animosity

Leaks & drips in the heart room as this inconvenient morality

Gladly shows you how wrong you've always been

& that it is the abyss that must cross you


Emperors will kneel before you

God himself will admire you

& until time fails men (to function) I will adore you

A cyanide messiah preaches through your veins calling

Cristal dolls (who) Sing an ode to satisfy an infant muse

& behind these silk walls shrouding both motivation & belief (2X)